Addictions to Resolve!

Editorials News | Sep-07-2019

Addictions to Resolve!

Teenagers go through several phases of life. Sometimes they are moody or studious. They'll often pick up and leave hobbies at the drop of a hat. This is a normal self - exploratory process that is critical for overall development and for a successful adulthood. It becomes problematic when one of these habits becomes too consuming.
1. Junk Food
It will be a good luck if we find a teenager who regularly eats vegetables. They are exception. Teenagers always have a tendency to spend their pocket money for eating junk food and snacks with their friends. This is completely normal and not always a reason for concern, especially since many teens are active.
However, if a teenager is not active and won't maintain a healthy, well-rounded diet, you need to start looking what you keep for dinner. Unfortunately; in junk food culture many parents underrate the health consequences of a poor diet in their children till the time they face obesity, coronary heart disease, and many more.
2. Social Media
Social media illustrate impractical ideals. People rarely post photos of themselves when they're sick or in their comfort place. Teens who spend most of their time on social media, either looking at the image posted by others or attempts to project an great image of them, may come up with confidence problems.
3. Alcohol
It is not so shocking secret that teenager have a proneness to experiment with alcohol. Many teens have desire to experience like adults and cannot imagine how significant is the difference between the legal drinking age and the age of a high school student is! If you catch a teenager drinking, handle the problem immediately. It is much easier for college students to access alcohol than it is for teens, make it necessary to stop the problem before college years begin.
4. Casual Drug Use
Teenagers often immerse with mild drugs, like marijuana. Even though marijuana doesn't seem so severe in the scheme of things, it is so important to utilize any opportunity you can do to open up a running dialogue about drug use. If left unchecked, even occasional mild drug use can result to an exploratory process that leads to full blown drug addiction. Teenagers are still developing, and they don't always have the foresight to know that making a risky decision one time can set them on an undesirable course for the rest of their lives.
5. Video Gaming
Video games changed the way that kids spend their spare time. They are no longer going out to climb trees or ride their bicycles. It is more comfortable, and convenient to sit inside and interact with a screen. Video games only become a problem when they're the sole activity of teenagers. Addictions are in several shapes and sizes. If you notice any obsessive or unhealthy fixations creeping their way into your teenager's life, sit down and talk about it.

By: Saksham Gupta

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