Adulteration of Milk with Melamine

Editorials News | Jul-27-2020

Adulteration of Milk with Melamine

As we live in 2019 and there have been several incidents regarding the quality of food products. There have been incidents that made us think twice before eating or drinking something. One of the latest incidents was fake milk. In this, there is news about milk sellers using melamine to make fake milk or increase the quantity of milk. To meet the increasing but this kind of thing can cause serious health diseases.

Milk plays a vital part in the development of children and adults. But nowadays there have several incidents regarding the issue of quality of milk. Children have to drink milk which has melamine this kind of milk can cause serious life causing diseases in children. Milk is mixed with melamine and the milk is distributed. 

Melamine is a chemical compound that is used in the production of glues or laminating things and giving them a shiny appearance. Melamine plays an important role in industries. It is used as a chemical and as a plastic substance. Recently there has news like melamine being mixed with milk in some parts of India. One of the biggest milk melamine incidents in the world occurred in 2008 throughout China which led to a major effect on children. In this incident, 6 children lost their lives while around 52,857 children received treatment as they suffered from several diseases because of that toxic milk. After this incident, the Health Ministry took strict actions and there has been not a single incident reported in the whole of China since 2008. In India, there have been fewer incidents regarding the tempering of milk with melamine.  

By: Rahul Bhatia

Class 8

GHPS, Punjabi Bagh 

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