After Blue Whale, There Is Advisory From Centre Against Momo Challenge

In the last few days, we have been hearing about another dangerous challenge, kind of like Blue whale, that is affecting a lot of teenagers in India and worldwide. The name of the challenge is Momo Challenge and there have been several reports to the police regarding its incongruous nature. Just recently, the Centre has issued an advisory against the game.

The game is viral on all social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. It basically challenges its members to do communication with a person not known to them. The game went viral on Whatsapp too. Vulnerable teens are the target of the game. It is best that you do not discuss it with your child if they do not know about it. Talking to them about it might just make them look it up online out of curiosity.

Signs to look out for:

You should keep talking and checking in with your child. Ask them about their day, what did they do, their friend etc. Monitor his activity on social media. However, do not snoop in too much as this might distress them and make them more distant from you. If they look worried or distressed, do engage in a conversation with them. Just remember love, care and attention is the best way to help your child stay away from such things.


By: Neha Maheshwari



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