Air Pollution Can Seriously Impact Life Expectancy

Editorials News | Jul-06-2017

Air Pollution Can Seriously Impact Life Expectancy

Reducing the consumption of fossil fuel will be beneficial in lowering air pollution. A new study came out in the August issue of Ecological Indicators. It showed that when pollutants are increased in an air of 10 micrograms per cubic meter then it cuts life expectancy of a victim by 9-11 years.

The estimated economic cost differs between the US and the EU because of the different calculations method used. Prof. Mikael Skou Andersen of Aarhus University in Denmark said that we need a better way of analyzing the economic benefit of reducing air pollution. This will further help in producing forceful data which will motivate countries to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels.

The burning of fossil fuels results in emission of tiny particulate matter known as pollutants into nature. It causes air pollution which creates havoc to human beings and environment.