Air Pollution Leads To Tree Malnutrition

Editorials News | Jun-28-2018

Air Pollution Leads To Tree Malnutrition

Pollution of all types and varieties is extremely harmful for all living beings whether humans, animals or plants. Lately, it has been observed as per a British study that the air pollution from engines, vehicles and farms has caused a lot of damage to plants. It is because the fungi dies due to pollution as a result the source of nutrients for plants also diminishes.

It has been observed that the tress in and around Europe and Britain have reflected disease like symptoms such as discoloured leaves sparsed growth. The trees exchange essential components with the help of ancient fungal highways called as “wood-wide web”. The toxic nitrogen levels in the rainwater appear to be breaking up these ancient fungal highways. Almost approximately 15 to 90 percent of forests in the UK are suffering because of pollutants. These pollution particles dig down into the soil and disrupt the communities of microbes that are gathered around tree roots. It has been revealed that the major cause of everything is air pollution. It harms the fungi resultantly leading to mal- nutrition in the trees. According to the recent study, the researchers have inferred that there is immense tree malnutrition across Europe.The researchers have a view that the legal limits that are assigned to air pollution are way too high and that these must be reduced in order to restore the health of plants and trees that play a major role in the survival of all living beings on earth.

By: Anuja Arora


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