Air Pollution Linked To Diabetes

Editorials News | Jul-05-2018

Air Pollution Linked To Diabetes

Air Pollution is said to be associated with an increased of diabetes globally, in this case India is said to be at a greater risk as it lacks air cleaning policies. A research by Lancet planetary Health showed that air pollution can cause diabetes as it reduces insulin production and boosts inflammation. This results in preventing body from the conversion of blood glucose into energy which is an essential requirement of the body.

The countries who have a low income are more prone to the risk of pollution related diabetes and India is one of them as there is no proper hygiene maintained and the cleanliness is at shortage. The reports stated that three million new diabetes cases have come up and their main reason is pollution. Almost 10 million people were lost in 2016 due to pollution related diabetes which is 14% of the healthy lives. There has been huge amount of microscopic airborne dust, dirt, smoke and liquid droplets which later turn into severe problems. Countries which are underdeveloped or have high poverty rate are on a higher risk of pollution diabetes which includes countries like Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea and Guyana, whereas countries like France, USA are low at diabetic risk.

By: Swati Kaushal