Air Pollution On A Dangerous High

Editorials News | Aug-09-2018

Air Pollution On A Dangerous High

It is high time we did some serious brainstorming about air pollution. It is not just the national Capital that is reeling under the thick smog of Air pollution but it is spreading to almost all metros of this country.

In February an Air quality index monitor was made with HEPA filter in the shape of a giant pair of lungs and placed at a point in Old Madras Road in Bengaluru. Over the months the pristine white giant lungs made of HEPA filter turned black as soot, a proof of how bad the pollution levels are in the city. This installation did not breathe while people do and on a daily basis people are inhaling this concoction of gases while going about their daily lives.

This installation was done by Artist Avril Stormy Unger with association with which has been working since last three years to bring awareness amongst the people of Bengaluru of the deteriorating air quality. They also cut pieces of the giant lung installation and sent it to different offices like the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, State pollution Control Board as evidence that this is a very serious issue that needs immediate attention.

The installation was exposed to around 2000 hours of air pollution on a busy Bengaluru road and this is exactly what would happen to the lungs of a normal person who spends two hours on the road commuting over a span of around 3 years.

Air pollution is on the rise all over the country and it is high time proper policies are implemented to reduce the pollution.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena





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