Akharas Declining on a Sad Note

Editorials News | Apr-03-2017

Akharas Declining on a Sad Note

With the number of advanced gymnasiums rising in the country, the fate of the Akharas lies in distress. About 30 years back, Akharas used to bustle with crowd who came there to remain fit and build a tough body and personality.

 Akharas today have ended up with just the economically weak individuals coming there to stay fit. For Pahalwani, one of the main elements of the diet is the milk and these individuals are not able to afford it. With the introduction of capsules and such steroids, which give results quite early, the glory and charm of Akharas are on a decline.

Unlike the gyms today which mainly focus on good looks, the main motive of going to an Akhara used to be fitness.

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Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pehlwani

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