Alcohol: A Poison To Adolescent Brain

Editorials News | May-26-2018

Alcohol: A Poison To Adolescent Brain

Alcohol consumption is considered as a walk towards slow death. But how many of us are aware that is also causes more psychological harm as compared to physical or financial harm. It can even lead to higher odds of substance use.

Alcohol does not only effect the person consuming it but also the people around are harmed psychologically and the adolescents are comparatively effected more. Psychological distress, suicidlity, sexual abuse and attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder symptom are a few common harms caused psychologically to adolescents. About 7,560 students of age group 12-19 from a school of Ernakulam district, Kerala were assessed on their experience with people who have been drinking. These were assessed by World Health Organization’s Thai health questionnaire about harm to others from drinking. The result was one in every three of those who reported harm said that they have been frequently harmed. 45% reported that they have been harmed by others’ drinking, with 16 % complaining of frequent harm. A study from Kerala  ‘Alcohol harm to adolescents from others’ drinking’ published  in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry shows that while largest number of adolescents, almost 45%, complained of psychological harm. Dr. T S Jaisoorya, from NIMHANS, Bangalore said “A substantial proportion of harm experienced by Kerala’s adolescents are from known people and this needs to be considered and studied in detail. More needs to be done within our local communities and among families as apriority,”


By: Shruti Anand


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