Alexander’s Secrets Are Out!

Editorials News | Dec-25-2017

Alexander’s Secrets Are Out!

History enthusiasts everywhere know about Alexander the Great, one of the greatest military genius of the history. He is famous for conquering territories stretching from Greece to Egypt and the present day Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. 

But here we have 8 secret facts about Alexander’s life that many know nothing about. Let the information sink in-

  • He was taught by the famous Aristotle.
  • He was invincible i.e. he never lost a battle.
  • He has named 70 cities after himself and one also after his horse.
  • He fell in love at first sight with his wife Roxanne.
  • He smelled great!
  • Once Alexander has defeated the Persians, he even started to dress like them.
  • The cause of the great ruler’s death is still a mystery.
  • The ruler’s body was preserved in a vat of honey.

What would you do with all this brand new information? Get on the web and find out more about these. You never know when you may unearth a new secret.

By: Srishti Anand