All About Home Schooling

Editorials News | Jan-15-2020

All About Home Schooling

Home schooling is type of educational practice which can be executed at home or variety of places rather than school. Home schooling is being organized by parents, home tutors or it can be gained by different online platforms. Home schooling is also known as home education. Such practices like home schooling are implemented in United Kingdom, Europe and in many commonwealth countries.

In the past era, Home schooling/ home education was a common practice beheaded by the parents who were wealthy and who can afford home tutors who were professionals. But in 19th and 20th centuries, home schooling was opposed and rejected by the enactment of compulsory attendance laws but there are isolated cultures and communities who continued to practice home schooling.

When we decide to home school our first major issue is to deal with change in our daily routines and lifestyle. You will have different responsibilities and duties at the same time. When it comes to home schooling, one need to organize and manage all the time tables and schedule for all classes and the course. 

Does home school include socialization? It is a big question and a major concern for all the parents and the home school that is they practice home schooling, how their children are going to interact with other students who are going to public schools. A home school does not include the peer pressure or bullying which is tied to poor academic performance and lower self-esteem. Some parents practice this home school practice because they don’t want their child’s value to degrade. Home school has its own pros and cons.

By: Sameer Arora


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