Amal Dutta: India’s First Ever Professional Football Coach

Editorials News | Jan-05-2017

Amal Dutta: India’s First Ever Professional Football Coach

Amal Dutta is a known name in the history of best football coaches. However, this is unfortunate that his talent and genius as a coach were never acknowledged. India’s first ever professional coach was recognized as a large hearted and a finest thinker of the game in India. He died in Kolkata on July 10, the day of the Euro 2016 final at the age of 87.

At the young age of sixteen, Amal refused to work as a government servant and gave up his job in the Indian Railways in the early 1960s. Amal took a bold step to pursue his dreams further and became a full-time football coach. In the early 1960s, the income from football was not enough. However, he expected proper payment as he survived on his football coaching skills.

Moreover, he was rough with authorities, be it either the All India Football Federation or the Indian Football Association (IFA). Amal’s outspoken attitude made his tenure barely for a year in 1987-88.

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