Amazing GoTo Telescope App with Smartphone Control

Editorials News | Dec-30-2017

Amazing GoTo Telescope App with Smartphone Control

It is always a matter of curiosity to watch the celestial bodies. Considering it into mind a lot of apps have been developed to help us in this regard.

A computerized GoTo telescope can be operated by Simulation Curriculum's SkyFi III Wireless Telescope Controller with the help of smartphone or tablet running the SkySafari 5 application. Even the telescopes with small object can search and track millions of celestial objects, like new comets, asteroids and satellites just by connecting it to the astronomy app. It can easily locate just about anything a layman sky watcher might want to observe. There is a way to track the right kind of star or celestial object in the sky by linking the telescope to an astronomy application. It can be easily controlled wirelessly with our smartphone. So many vendors are there to develop and offer us the hardware and software that let us remotely steer computerized GoTo telescopes sitting at home. The latest new SkyFi III Wireless Telescope Controller integrates with the company's SkySafari 5 app and Starry Night desktop software to control many GoTo telescopes at a single point of time.

By: Anita Aishvarya