Ambition Vs Fear

Editorials News | Aug-07-2020

Ambition Vs Fear

Most important things in life do not come back to us. Nor will we get them by seeking/wanting them. It comes from holding go of the unimportant stuff. The hardest half is holding go of the tendency to need the world as is. This is often a habit of our past successes. But success isn't a destination, it's a STOP sign. Too often, we tend to be unfit by success in the fear of the new. We tend to stall on the road to a replacement life. We’d like to interrupt our inertia and move. Our thoughts and thought habits are exhausting to interrupt. However, that's wherever we've to pay the foremost energy. Thoughts are forever competitive strands - of worries of the past and anxieties for the long term. For a few people, they are cleanly separated into rivers that nurture each place they travel.

For most, they are similar to the torrents and trickles -- competitive, speeding somewhere, stopping fully elsewhere, forever compounding, morphing, competing, winning, losing. Our thoughts are the electrical potential between the two poles of our life source: ambition and fear. Our ambitions drive the direction and speed of our habits and thoughts; however, our fears drive the force of their unharness. While not matching ambitions, fear overrides everything else. On the alternative hand, once there is too little fear, we tend to go at high speed on the road to obscurity -- ungoverned ambition ruins everybody else. Once ambition controls fear, we tend to harness the torrents to feed and water each corner of our being. Once fear controls ambition, we tend to become creatures of habit. To have ambition, we tend to determine ourselves as we are capable of changing into.

By: Prakhar Sharma

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