An Enormous Smile Can Change the Whole World Magically

Editorials News | Jun-25-2017

 An Enormous Smile Can Change the Whole World Magically

Have you ever realized that your smile has a spark to change tough situations? Many experts have suggested that one can decrease their odds of success against the same opponent in subsequent matches.

A study has shown that People who smiled during win increased the chances of their challenger acting aggressively to steal the victory rather than share it in future game play.

A similar study has also been presented by senior author Gratch, earlier. The author’s main interest lays both in how people express an unconscious action.

Additionally, the earlier study was also based on how the action betrays deception. The author used the data to create artificial intelligence to distinguish and even express the same emotional cues as a person.

The researcher has quoted that, “it is a wrong perception that emotion is the enemy of reason.  In fact, the truth in the emotion is our way of assigning a value to things.  He also added that without emotions we'd be faced with limitless choices."


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