An Expedition to Space Will Cost You $55 Million

Editorials News | Jun-23-2018

An Expedition to Space Will Cost You $55 Million

A Huston-based, Axiom Space is a company that’s organizing tours to the ISS and working to build the first commercial space station has just announced that you can now sign up for a 10-day mission abroad the International Space Station (ISS), but you will have to spare $55 million. The cost of $55 million includes the orbital stay, transportation cost of both the sides and a 15-week astronaut-training programme. The first customers of Axiom Space are aimed to be launched in 2020, company representatives said.The CEO and President of Axiom Space President, Michael Suffredini said in a statement that “It is an honor to continue the work that NASA and its partners have begun, to create awareness towards the profound benefits of human space exploration and to involve more countries and private citizens in these endeavors.”

The company Axiom Space is also trying to develop the station of their own and its modules will be launched and link up with, the ISS. If everything will go according to the plan the Axiom Space will be ready to accommodate paying passengers by 2022. The Axiom Space and French architect Philippe Stack are designing the interiors of the commercial station in partnership. Stack said in a statement that “This is a dream project for a creator like me with a genuine fascination for aviation and space exploration.”

By: Divya Thakur