An Immigrant Found Stealing Orbits In Our Solar System

Editorials News | Jun-04-2018

An Immigrant Found Stealing Orbits In Our Solar System

An immigrant alien which is affectionately called as BEE-ZED has been covering the sun for almost 4.5 Billion years which has adjusted it over there for a longer period whereas Oumuamua which created a lot of headlines and took the entire spotlight over itself was found as huge spiff or a potential alien spacecraft. Oumuamua was a temporary object which was just passing through our System at a very high speed. Though Bee-Zed looks just like some random rock but its a reversed stable orbit which means its moving in the opposite way of everything in the universe and that is enough to explain that it is some foreign object in our universe that is unaware of the system because all the objects like planets, comets revolve around the sun in the same way. Bee-Zed orbit is said to be “the most puzzling example of reverse resonance” said by the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

There are many asteroids that cover the distance between the Solar system’s giant planets which are altogether known as Centaurs. It is believed that all the Centaurs used to once orbit the Sun in one direction but as they are quite far from the star, the gravitational forces of the galaxy bumped them somehow and they became reverse. This process takes millions and Billions of years and few Centaurs were also pulled back into areas surrounding the gas giants. But the main question is that where did Bee-Zed come from? Scientists are unaware of this fact yet but they hope that studying about it will provide them the key information. This also proves that there are many unidentified objects lurking in the universe which are yet to be discovered.

By: Swati Kaushal