An Initiative to Save Trees

Editorials News | May-10-2017

An Initiative to Save Trees

Currently, Delhi government has taken few important steps to save trees. Delhi government officials have asked schools based in Delhi to establish seed banks to encourage students. As per the officials, this step will not only improve the environment around but will also motivate students to plant trees in public places.

The scheme has been taken in order to make the students sensitive to the environment. Additionally, the Directorate of Education (DoF) has instructed the schools to conduct the exercise through their eco-clubs. As per the reports, the Government has also joined hands with an NGO called 'WePlant' which has initiated a campaign -- "save a million seeds this summer".

Financial assistance is also provided to schools by the Delhi government for a variety of environment-friendly action-oriented programs. These programs include rain water harvesting, waste paper recycling machine, solar water heating system, vermi compost set up and solar signages, as per the reports. Additionally, an air purifier will also be provided to the schools to ensure students’ health.