An Iron-Nickel Meteorite Noticed By the Scientists

Editorials News | Nov-21-2016

An Iron-Nickel Meteorite Noticed By the Scientists

The scientists of the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) project have captured some images of an iron-nickel meteorite. The scientists have confirmed that the found image is an iron-nickel meteorite. Moreover, the scientists are hoping that the meteorite may have fallen from the Red Planet's sky.

As per the scientists the size of the finding has been compared with a golf-ball-size object on Mars. Additionally, the researchers confirmed that the image has been taken with the help of Curiosity's Mast Camera (Mastcam). The NASA team has confirmed that such meteorites are a common set of space rocks found on Earth.

The scientists have named the newly found object as an ‘Egg Rock’. Unlike previous examples found on Mars, this newly found is different and tested with a laser-firing spectrometer.

The researchers said that they noticed the odd looking rock through images taken by the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) project, which operates the rover. The scientists also stated that the dark, smooth and shiny aspect grabbed the attention of some MSL scientists first.

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