An MCA Dropout to Green Card Holder

Editorials News | May-27-2018

An MCA Dropout to Green Card Holder

Back in the year 2011, An MCA dropout from Gujarat Technical University Harnil Oza, with no knowledge of business setup a start from his home in Ahmedabad. He started working on Hyperlink InfoSystem. Arnil was a fresher in the field of business but he can do coding and programming well.

That’s how he started his setup though he had help from his technician friends and began to develop mobile apps. Back then in 2011 the world was far different than what it is now and people had no vision for mobile apps, especially in India. These days, mobile apps are as common as purchasing groceries on the other hand the app economy is thriving and by 2021 it is projected to reach $6.3 trillion. The launch of iPhone 4 in 2012 hiked the demands of iOS apps and general apps as well. By 2013, the idea spread and overall 5 people were there to develop apps for iOS and for android as well. This is how Harnil was walking on his way to success. Previous year Harnil opened his first office in World Trade Center in New York. Harnil says “Mobile apps are saturating now. The growth is flat. Everyone is building an app, some are doing it themselves. IoT, AR, VR are the next big trends in tech. In 2-3 years, the connected car industry will also grow. We’ll look at that too. It is important to stay relevant with changing technologies.


By: Shruti Anand


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