An Ocean behind Saturn’s Third Moon

Editorials News | Oct-17-2016

An Ocean behind Saturn’s Third Moon

NASA’s Cassini mission has revealed the nature of ‘Dione’. Dione is known as Saturn’s third moon. According to the discovery, ‘Dione’ has joined the list of watery bodies in the Earth’s solar system. Cassini mission has also analyzed the distance of Saturn’s moon that is roughly 20 miles deep under the icy surface of the moon. Because of the watery body Dione’s interior looks similar to two other Saturnian moons, Titan and Enceladus, said the scientists.

The scientists have also stated that the Titan and Enceladus have also had huge oceans below a thin layer of ice. However Dione’s Ocean is hidden much deeper as compare to the oceans of Titan and Enceladus.

Deep existence of oceans below the Dione differentiates it from other moons, said the researchers. The research has also showed that the existence of ocean beneath the Dione offers a vast habitat to many microbial. As per the data collected by the researches, Dion’s history of existence is as old as the history of moon.




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