Ancient Gene Found Playing Important Role In Immunity System

Editorials News | Jul-09-2018

Ancient Gene Found Playing Important Role In Immunity System

Researchers in Australia have found a new type of gene which plays an important role in increase Immunity system regulating the process of pro-inflammatory proteins. This gene was unknown previously but now scientists believe that this gene is capable of treating variety of diseases like cancer and diabetes.

The name of this gene is C6orfl06 (C6) and scientists said it to be an ‘evolutionary-conserved inhibitor of the innate antiviral response’. This genetic mechanism existed for almost 500 million years with genes that share the same DNA ancestry and it has been identified in animal species too. The discovery of this new gene will offer treatment of many devastating diseases. As a tradition, the research team who discovers a new gene gets the opportunity of naming it, for example in the past there are many strange names given to genes like Sonic Hedgehog and Lunatic Fringe. The CSIRO team suggests that C6orfl06 is not the perfect name for this gene. A member of the CSIRO team Cameron Stewart stated that current name denotes the location of genome in human body instead of its purpose. CSIRO has also opened themselves to suggestions where people can make entry on their website and suggest a name. However, the ultimate name will be confirmed by the Human Genome Nomenclature Committee.

By: Swati Kaushal