Ancient Jewelries Found In Greece

Editorials News | Oct-10-2016

Ancient Jewelries Found In Greece

Archeologists from University of Cincinnati have found 3,5oo years old jewelries along with precious weapons at Pylos, in Southern coast of Greece. According to the scientists, these new findings are amazingly untouched and undisturbed.


Along with jewelries and weapons the researchers have discovered some well preserved leftovers of great Mycenaean warrior or priest in his early- to mid-30s. According to the observation this ancient warrior could have been buried approximately in 1500 B.C near the archeological excavation of the Palace of Nestor.


As per the study the ‘Worrier Tomb’ is a sign of Greek culture. The excavation has revealed over 2000 objects that includes four solid gold rings, silver cups, precious stone beads, fine-toothed ivory combs.


Along with other expensive objects an intricately built sword and weapons have also been found during the research. The researchers stated that the four gold rings show a new understanding of the artifact. For further understanding of the findings and about their history, the scientists are analyzing the whole research with an inside and outside perspective.

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