Anil Kumble and His Remarkable Achievements

Editorials News | Feb-22-2017

Anil Kumble and His Remarkable Achievements

Anil Kumble, current head coach of the Indian cricket team, has achieved name and fame because of his hard work. During a recent interview Kumble expressed his happiness that people know him and his 619 wickets that he took during the test cricket against Pakistan way back in 1999.

His name is listed as a third- highest wicket taker of all time who took 10 wickets in one inning of a test match. Kumble is naturally a quiet man and stays away from making any great noise about what actually are quite remarkable achievements in the world of cricket. Currently, He has posted the pictures of his achievement on twitter that shows how much that record means to him.

Now, his role has changed from that of India's ace wicket-taker to coaching the Indian cricket team. However, even now, there is time enough for all concerned to stop and celebrate the remarkable achievement of 10 wickets in one test inning. As per the cricket history, this test inning is considered as a feat achieved only twice.