Animal Cruelty At Its Peak

Editorials News | Oct-13-2021

Animal Cruelty At Its Peak

Animal cruelty is at its peak nowadays. Animals, just like human beings, deserve a peaceful life. Animals are an important part of our ecosystem and are very useful to us. But, we sometimes forget that they are also living creatures. We keep on harassing them and these poor creatures can't even express their feelings and grief. Cruelty towards animals has become an international matter of concern. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible and should be eliminated forever. We become cruel towards animals for two reasons - one to fulfill our needs and the other for fun. We use animals for their fur, their skin, their meat, their teeth, and horns too. Sometimes, we apply colors on them which harm their skin, we also burn crackers without thinking about them. Sometimes, the tea-shop keeper pours the hot water on the street dogs, which is a great example of cruel behavior towards the animals. Many of the videos get viral on social media and some people are just making fun of it and not taking it seriously for taking actions against them.

Animal skins are used in textile industries. Their skin and body hairs are used to make exotic fabrics for us to use. Animal’s teeth, horns, skin, and fur are used to make home decor items which we beautifully use to decorate our homes without thinking how much pain animals go through for giving us these luxuries. Another industry that contributes to cruelty to animals is the cosmetic industry. Whenever we buy any cosmetic products, we always make sure that the product is safe on our skin. But, we hardly realize that these products are tested on animals before it reaches us. The chemicals are often injected into animals’ bodies or applied to their skin. Sometimes, these are tested on their eyes too. And if the test fails, it sometimes leads to the animal's death also. These tests cause itching and burning too. But, we the human beings, keep on torturing the animals for our purposes. At last, I would say that please stop all these things. Animals are also just like human beings.

By : Bhavika Sabharwal
Tagore Public School

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