Another Study That Suggests Portfolio Diet Is Good For Reducing Heart Disease

Editorials News | Aug-01-2018

Another Study That Suggests Portfolio Diet Is Good For Reducing Heart Disease

We have heard that portfolio diet or plant based diet is good for many health related things including preventing us from the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as triglycerides, blood pressure and inflammation. Researchers at University of Toronto claims that along with reducing LDl or bad cholesterol by 30% in conjunction with low-saturated diet, the diet limits other factors by around 13% reduction in coronary heart disease risk. According to John Sievenpiper, associate professor, now there is greater clarity in the potential of plant based diet than before. Earlier we knew it reduces LDL but not enough information on why and how.

Here's what a plant based diet should look like:

On a 2000 calorie diet, it has 45 grams of nuts, 50 grams plant protein from vegetables and pulses, soluble fibre from fruits and vegetables, 2 grams of plant sterols which are compounds that help in cholesterol absorption and is present in products such as margarine.

The professor also mentioned that they have started recommending diet to the the patients by stating that not only it will meet their cholesterol goals but will also help in improving bloss lips and BP. It will also reduce inflammation in the body. It can be difficult to follow this diet, but even including some vegetables can help. Some even choose the diet for environmental reasons.

By: Neha Maheshwari


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