“Anti-Inflammatory Therapy” a Ray of Hope for Lung Cancer

Editorials News | Sep-06-2017

“Anti-Inflammatory Therapy” a Ray of Hope for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is caused by “Smoke” however; even a non-smoker can have the cancer by exposure to second hand smoke. Other exposures at the workplace, like asbestos, diesel particles or other chemicals can also cause cancers. As lung cancer doesn’t reflect obvious symptoms in the early stages, it is often diagnosed after it has already spread badly.

However, researchers have now come out with an advance technique called “Anti-inflammatory therapy” that is done before the cancer emerges. Successful trials have been done using the “Canakinumab” or a placebo injection and the result was found positive. The report reflects that there is a significant decrease in rates of death of lung cancer in the patients who received the anti-inflammatory therapy. The research also found a big decrease in the incidence of lung cancer in patients who received the drug. Canakinumab is an antibody that has lower inflammation and it does not affect the cholesterol level. It is not a pocket friendly treatment and also has a risk of infection. The drug is still open for further trial and researchers are trying to curtail the drawbacks of the drug. It is also found effective in curing heart attack and arthritis. It is expected that in coming future we will be able to combat with Lung Cancer more effectively as it is a ray of hope for the patients of lung cancer.

By: Anita Aishvarya

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