Apple Ipad App for Astronauts

Editorials News | Oct-18-2016

Apple Ipad App for Astronauts

The International Space Station Food Intake Tracker (ISS FIT) iPad app has been created by the scientists. According to the claim this app can keep a check on the dietary intake of astronauts. Along with the tracking dietary intake this app also helps by providing vast insight for researchers and physicians.


The best part of this app is it does not need any internet existence to sync with the food database such as availability of foods on the space station. Unlike any other app available on the Earth, iPad does not require any international partner agencies, stated the scientists.


According to NASA, with the help of iPad app all researcher and physicians on the Earth can track their crew’s health. The scientists said that this newly developed app can offer astronauts a real-time feedback about their dietary routines.


Additionally, the scientists have suggested that healthy diet is an essential tool for future investigation missions. The researchers have also elaborated the benefits of nutrition and negative effects of spaceflight on astronauts. 

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