Appropriate Reaction is revealed by Plants in Competitive Situation

Editorials News | Jan-06-2018

Appropriate Reaction is revealed by Plants in Competitive Situation

Like all living beings, plants too have to struggle a lot for their survival. A latest research has revealed that plants too react as per the ability of their competitors and try to match with their responses to them.

The responses that include avoidance and tolerance are chosen as per the stature and densities of their opponents. The reduction in light quantity or the ratio of red to far-red wavelengths (R: FR) that happens when light is filtered through the leaves, are the measurement to detect the presence of other competing plants near them. During a research done on clonal plant Potentilla, it was seen that they changed both the height and density of this simulated vegetation to cop up with the light competition. Highest shade tolerance behavior was seen in plants to compete with the competitive environment. Plants improve their ability to grow by chance under neighbors of different size, age or density, and are therefore able to choose their appropriate technique. By their ability plants can maintain the changes in their body parts. It helps them in reacting and showing response at the right time in the right way. It ensures their safety and survival.

By: Anita Aishvarya





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