Archaeologists Found 5,600-Year-Old Spiritual Place

Editorials News | Nov-29-2016

Archaeologists Found 5,600-Year-Old Spiritual Place

The researchers have discovered a prehistoric center near Britain’s prehistoric temple Stonehenge. The finding can change our perspective of the early development of Stonehenge’s ancient landscape, said the archeologists. The researchers said that the place can be 5600-years-old. As per the researchers the complex can be the first important sign of the Neolithic monument that was discovered in the Stonehenge area for more than a century.

Currently the researchers have dug down around 100 meters worth of the outer ditch. The researchers are not sure about how many of the monuments have survived so far. The new study showed that hundred years back the area near Stonehenge was ritually active and more sacred than it was believed by the researchers.

The archeologists said the core functions of these places are still a mystery. However the remaining evidence has proved that they were used for a mixture of ritual, religious, political and mortuary roles.

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