Archeologists revealed the facts of Paleo Diet

Editorials News | Dec-29-2016

Archeologists revealed the facts of Paleo Diet

A team of Archaeologists have currently discovered a collection of 780,000-year-old edible plants in Israel on the shoreline of Lake Hula in the northern Jordan valley. As per the researchers, the findings date back to the Acheulian culture from 1.75-0.25 million years ago. The researchers explained that the floral collection indicates rich authentication of the plant-based diet of the prehistoric ancestors.

Researchers, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Bar Ilan University, said that there was a scarcity of Paleolithic plants around the world. However, the unique macro-botanical collection in Israel has allowed the researchers to complete their research on the vegetal diet of humans from early-mid-Pleistocene. The researchers also added that, remains of Paleolithic plants have also helped them to understand the evolution, adaptation and exploitation of the environment by hominins.

Additionally, the analysts stated that they discovered the findings during archeological excavations at the waterlogged site of Gesher Benot Ya'aqov. At the similar place the researchers found the evidence of human-controlled fire in western Asia that was discovered in recent year.

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