Editorials News | Apr-09-2017


Archery is a sport involving the practice of using a bow to shoot arrows towards the desired target.  In ancient times, it was used for combat and hunting.  An expert in the sport is typically termed as toxophilite.

Today, archery is a modern day mainstream sport, listed in the Olympics.

Types of Archery-

  • Target Archery- It is one of the most popular types of archery for beginners. The target to be shot is stationary and the practice can be done indoor as well as outdoor. This form of archery is featured in the Olympics Games.
  • Field Archery- This type of archery involves a stationary target which is placed along a terrain or a course of woods. It gets challenging as the targets are uphill and downhill.
  • 3D Archery- This form of archery involves hitting 3D targets, mostly animal foams. With increasing skill levels, the targets get more challenging.
  • Traditional Archery- This is the most basic and authentic form of archery. With no modern equipments attached to the bow, you simply have to connect with your bow and hit natural targets or stumps.
  • Bow Hunting- Not an official Sport, it involves catching a prey to harvest your own meat. Sometimes it is also referred as Bow Fishing.

If you want to shoot inside or outside, within a range or in the woods, there is an archery style for you.