Are Cell Phones Beneficial in Class Rooms!

Editorials News | Mar-15-2020

Are Cell Phones Beneficial in Class Rooms!

Nowadays having a cell phone is necessary for children. Many students have free access to the Internet at their homes. They use their cell phones to text and talk with friends and relatives and to play games and enjoy.
The access of mobile phones may not be beneficial to the students in schools, or it might affect the learning process. Technology in the classroom may keep students engaged but also can have several pros and can create a distraction which makes the learning process more difficult.
Students keep checking their phones in the classroom several times a day. That can add up to a lot of time spent distracted from schoolwork. And when students are distracted, they have extra stress, frustration, and catch-up time for everyone.

Usage of Academic Learning Apps

Cell phones give students easy access to several tools and applications which provide them complete resources and stay prime of their work category. These tools may teach students to develop higher study habits, like time management and organization skills.

Digital Platforms Incorporation Into Lessons

social media usage will keep students curious about the category and encourage them to participate in the discussion. Some academics generate twitter hashtag and message boards students will use throughout category discussions to share thoughts and concepts.

Supplementing Lessons With Digital Materials

Teachers will get benefit from cell phones by giving students resources to seek out information about a couple of topics. This involves videos, news stories, online discussions and much more. It also permits students to access these resources in school will facilitate encourage participation and discussions.


Distractions And Interruptions

When students use phones to see social media and text their friends in school, it causes distractions for those students also as for his or her peers and will cause disruptions in school, notably if the teacher is consistently telling students to show their devices off.


Cell phones may also lead to inflated issues with bullying on the school ground. Cyber bullying will be tougher to check than different types of bullying, creating it troublesome for academics to spot and stop once it's happening.


Cell phones will be a useful learning tool in schools. however, they'll even be utilized by students to access data resulting in cheating. Although a student isn’t caught, this will cause him or her to have a poor understanding of the topics taught in the future, and this is unfair to students WHO studied arduous to try and do well.

Disconnection From Face-To-Face Activities

While cell phones will facilitate encourage participation by providing totally different channels, this will conjointly cause less in-person discussion and fewer learning opportunities. Learning to figure along with others is a vital part of students’ education, and might be lost with an excessive amount of dependence on cell phones and different digital technology.

By: Saksham Gupta

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