Are our Protected Areas Really Protected?

Editorials News | Jun-01-2018

Are our Protected Areas Really Protected?

The once pristine Earth is no longer the same as it used to be. The constant growing human population has taken a toll on the earth’s environment. The constant urbanization and deforestation has given rise to myriad of environmental issues, from Global warming to climate change. It is a major cause of concern not just for the current population but for the generations to come.

To tackle this great menace leaders of 150 countries came together in the year 1992 at Rio Earth Summit. The Convention on Biological Diversity is completely directed towards promoting sustainable development. It is aimed at sustaining the combinations of different life form on the earth. The various ecosystems like the desert, the forest, the wetland, the mountains, the sea, rivers, lakes and agricultural landscapes. The World Leaders pledged to meet human needs while ensuring that we leave a healthy and a viable world for the generation to come.

However, things are not as bright as we think. A study by the University of Queensland, Wildlife Conservation Society and University of Northern British Colombia reveal a shocking study in their journal “Science”. The Study confirms that one third of world’s protected areas; approximately 2.3 million square miles which is twice the size of Alaska are now reeling under intense human activities which include urbanization, building new roads and grazing of livestock. The most impacted protected areas were found in Asia, Europe and Africa, places with dense human population.

This study is a wakeup call and a reality check for the nations striving to meet the commitments made under CBD.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena