Are the University Rankings Useful and Authentic?

Editorials News | May-30-2018

Are the University Rankings Useful and Authentic?

The phenomenon of university rankings has become very popular in the recent times. This was started before 25 years by a Chinese University and now it is practised across the world. The Indian government has also entered in the race and has introduced National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) from 2015. The Indian academicians feel that the national rankings are just a consolation prize as the Indian Universities did not get top place in the international rankings.

Secretary General of the Association if Indian Universities, Furqan Qamar said that while taking admissions in any university the students are more concerned about the peer-review, placements and fee rather than the university rankings. Qamar added “students are attracted to the ranking system as it the new trend. Rankings should act as a mirror for the universities but not many are learning from them”.The Editorial Director, global ranking said in the context of this ranking system “It is the step in the right direction, but I do not completely agree with the matrix they use”. In the context of the parameters of the NIRF, Padode said “Citation is the present measure judge the quality of research is followed by NIRF, but it is not the right practice. Research should be judged on the basis of its impact and citation”.

By: Divya Thakur


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