Arrival of Mahatma Gandhi in India

Editorials News | Feb-10-2021

Arrival of Mahatma Gandhi in India

Gandhiji arrived in India with great courage. However, there were tons of skepticism regarding his methods. This made Gandhiji reluctant. He didn't join the Servants of India Society. He nullified this application. During the trip that he took to Shantiniketan, Gandhiji was made conscious of Gokhale’s sad demise. This left him heartbroken. To respect the needs of his mentor, Gandhiji applied again to society but was rejected. He withdrew surge to be a neighborhood of the society and assail his own path of revolution. During the year 1915, when Gandhiji was traveling across India and trying to assess the country’s landscape and political fervor, He didn't attempt to meddle within the problems of the dominant political groups. He knew about his ways, and Gokhale had taught him well during that one year. The self-imposed silence helped Gandhiji much. He gained experience and patience during that year. He was among the primary Indians to use words like Swadeshi and Purna Swaraj. He continuously and throughout his life as a politician, opposed casteism and differentiation. He didn't believe in entitlement with regards to caste or higher strata in society. Not only did he begin the Quit India Movement but also the Satyagraha Movement. Gandhiji opposed the practice of untouchability, and he made it to some extent to abolish it.

Although Gandhiji was still uninformed and had little or no knowledge about the political scenario prevailing in India, he tried to settle disputes.

By: Khushboo

Birla School, Pilani