Art Curator; Legacy Russell

Editorials News | Aug-14-2018

Art Curator; Legacy Russell

Legacy Russell was born in East village in Manhattan, New York. She was exposed to the world of Art from a very young age. Legacy is a writer, artist and a cultural producer

She explains that she always been interested in learning more about artist especially the emerging artist. What bought her to the world of art was her exposed to create programs and curate projects where she had the opportunity to work with different types of Artist, places of art and different cultures. She began her journey in the world of art producing programs and projects within institutions. She says she came from a formal background but slowly moved towards the experimental. Starting with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she has worked at several of other major Art Institutions. She later progressed into working with various artist directing projects and projects for Bruce High Quality Foundation. Legacy has worked and produced programs for Creative Time, the Brooklyn Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. Legacy is a Senior Editor at London publication Berfrois and Visual Art Editor at Apogee Journal. She is also the founding theorist behind the Glitch Feminism, a cultural manifesto and movement.

She graduated from a school in London, where she attended Goldsmiths and got her MRes in Art History and Visual culture.

Legacy has been named associate curator of exhibitions for the New York's Studio Museum in Harlem. She will arrive after her work in the European gallery relations at Artsy.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena



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