Art Improves Children’s Creative and Cognitive Skills

Editorials News | Feb-07-2017

Art Improves Children’s Creative and Cognitive Skills

According to a research, children go through ‘developmental stages in art’ that help them to improve practical skills and explore their creativity.

During the developmental stages of arts, children between the ages of four and seven, create drawings that depict what they find most important about the objects they see.

These objects can be someone’s hair or unique clothing. A child’s potential of creating somewhat representational drawing shows that they have entered into the Pre schematic stage of art.

As per the experts, the pre-schematic stage refers to that stage (Generally from 3 to 7 years of age) when the child draws his first symbols. However, during Pre-schematic stage, the child doesn’t have full understanding of the dimension and size of objects.

Due to an insufficient knowledge of shapes and colors, children often draw a person as tall as his house. Moreover, use of colors is also more emotional than logical that expresses a child’s desire for creativity and enjoyment in the art, said the experts.

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