Artificial Intelligence Can Change Lives: Stephen Hawking

Editorials News | Dec-01-2016

Artificial Intelligence Can Change Lives: Stephen Hawking

The scientists Stephen Hawking stated that the artificial intelligence can change the world. As per the statement, the Artificial Intelligence has the power to eliminate poverty and disease. However at the same time AI put the human civilization at its end.

The conference which was held in Cambridge was based on Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (CFI). The scientists also said that the AI can transform the world along with every part of humans’ lives. The conference was attended by four World’s leading universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Berkeley and Imperial College, London.

All the universities were aimed to explore the implications of AI for human civilization. Hawking suggested that the AI is increasing as the biggest event of the history. However, he also warned people that they should learn how to avoid the risks. Hawking said that AI will also bring dangers like influential independent weapons or new ways for the few to dominate people.


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