Artificial Intelligence for Better Brain Maturity Evaluation

Editorials News | Nov-01-2017

Artificial Intelligence for Better Brain Maturity Evaluation

Researchers have recently developed the software that is based on machine learning. They said software which can independently interpret EEG signals from a premature infant baby and generate an estimate of the brain's functional maturity. It is first EEG-based brain maturity evaluation system in the world that is more accurate than other presently understood methods of evaluating the development of an infant's brain.

It enables the automatic and objective monitoring of a premature infant's brain development stages. The development of the weight, height and head circumference is monitored. One out of ten live births is a premature one and approximately half of all patients are kept in the ICU due to preterm birth. The present method gives the doctors a first-time opportunity to track the most crucial development of a preterm infant, the functional maturation of the brain, both during and after intensive care.

It provides information about the infant that helps them to do best possible care for the individual child. It provides a practical tool for the monitoring of the neurological development of preterm infants. This research is being considered very useful as there are many health impediments associated with preterm birth that can create hurdle brain development. The analysis software is based on machine learning. The software was tested by comparing the EEG maturational age estimated by the software with the clinically known true age of the infant at the end of the study.


By- Anita Aishvarya


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