Artificial Intelligence, Identifies Violation of Rights

Editorials News | Nov-08-2016

 Artificial Intelligence, Identifies Violation of Rights

Be aware of new artificial intelligence system (AI) made by the scientists to judge the human right trials. The scientists have made a millennium method which is capable of predicting the results of judicial decision accurately, in major international courts. A study has also been conducted by University College London’s scientists. 

As per the scientists AI method has been tried earlier in several cases of judicial decisions at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). The scientists have claimed that through AI they have received 79% accurate results of the judgments. The method uses an automatically machine algorithm to analyze the case, said the scientists.

One of the scientists, Nikolaos Aletras, said that this device can be helpful for lawyers to rapidly identify the terms in cases. Moreover the scientists also added that AI will work as an essential tool to identify the most likely violations of the European Convention on Human Rights. The scientists have also claimed that this is the first time that the judgments have been predicted by using this kind of system.