Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Jobs

Editorials News | May-03-2021

Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Jobs

In a way, Artificial Intelligence is replacing jobs in the market. Artificial Intelligence improves our world in various kind of ways, but there is also a lot of concerns about the fact that it might take away more jobs than providing some. Fields such as business, education, market, and others will be affected. The monotonous work can easily be automated which would make a lot of job roles turn outdated. If humans were replaced by smart robots, doing things ten times faster than mere human beings, those people carrying the job roles would go jobless. Sectors such as Transportation is already in the line to become fully autonomous within some years, resulting in reducing employment when it would come to drivers.

Different kids of transitional sectors, such as Law, documentation, and management would be very effectively handled by AI.
More than that, even financial services would be majorly affected as it’s partially already calculated with the help of digital tools and software. After the emergence of AI, the little help that a computer needs from a person to enter the inputs would also be interchanged by robots.

Even the Hospital management would be severely affected. Due to the pandemic, in many COVID-19 hospitals of different states, AI Robots have been introduced to save the nurses and the doctors from getting affected. Those robots are responsible for bringing food, water, medicines, and other necessities to the patients.
Also, humans can do only a limited amount of work within a given time frame but it is not a necessity for a robot. They can handle numerous amount of tasks, can take care of hundreds of calculations at the same time, delivering the result within minutes.
More and more jobs are getting less relevant day by day, as new and advanced digital products and devices are emerging every day, at the end of the day, making job roles turn irrelevant and obsolete.

By- Anisha Sen.


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