Artificial Intelligence To Predict Success/ Failures Of Films

Editorials News | Jun-08-2019

Artificial Intelligence To Predict Success/ Failures Of Films

We all love movies, be it movies produced in Bollywood, Hollywood or elsewhere. It is one culture that brings together the audiences on one platform. Usually, it is not very easy to predict that which movie would perform better as compared to the other on the big screen. In order to make any such prediction, a foresight from the producers and directors is essential. Those who invest in movies for making money, take each and every step very carefully in this regard. In an advanced world like that of today, globalization is bringing various different cultures close and together on one platform.

Lately, it has become possible to predict whether a movie will be a hit or a flop with the help of artificial intelligence. Cinelytic, is a startup based in LA, that features AI as a wise producer. With the help of records of historical data of movie performances over the years, it cross-refers the information about the film with the help of machine learning so as to draw out the hidden part of the data. Cinelytic’s software helps the customer to play fantasy football with their movie. It allows them to input script as per their liking and cast and then swap one actor with another so as to check its influence on the forthcoming box office collection. Cinelytic Co-founder and CEO Tobias Queisser stated that one compare the cast separately, compare them together in a package. They can model out both the scenarios with Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence, and see that for a particular film, which has better implications for different territories. There are many other films also, that have tried to apply AI for the better movie business. ScriptBook, a Belgium-based company founded in 2015 informed that the AI algorithms that it uses can forecast a movie’s success or failure by analyzing its script. Vault, which is an Israel-based start-up (founded in 2015), helps its clients to predict its future business by keep a check upon its trailer views and making an analysis of demographics of who will watch it. Another company, called Pilot also has AI-empowered solution that can make a prediction of the box office revenue of a movie up to 18 months before it actual date of release. Nowadays, not only new startup production houses but even the established ones are putting to use this technology. The 20th Century Fox also made use of AI so as to detect particular scenes and objects in a trailer and then predict which part of the movie would be liked and appreciated by the audiences.

By: Anuja Arora




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