Arts Changes the Way You See the World

Editorials News | Jul-04-2017

Arts Changes the Way You See the World

Today, people face many issues which they think cannot be solved, for an example when we think about global data of the changing environment but feel helpless to change it, at the same time. Everyday, we read and see whatever is happening around, however, we do not feel strongly enough that we are part of a global community, part of a larger we.

Giving people access to data most often leaves them feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, not empowered and poised for action. This is where art can make a difference. Art does not guide people what to do, though engaging with a good work of art can connect you to your senses, body, and mind. It can make the world ‘felt’. Moreover, this ‘felt’ feeling urge thinking, engagement, and even action.

The arts and culture represent one of the few areas in our society where people can come together to share an experience. His represents that engaging with art is not simply a solitary event. Why we say that art improves the thinking process because the important thing is not that we agree about the experience that we share, but that we consider it worthwhile sharing an experience at all. In art and other forms of cultural expression, disagreement is accepted and embraced as an essential ingredient.


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