Arunachal Forest Officials Can't Release Grown Up Tigers From Park

Editorials News | Apr-18-2018

Arunachal Forest Officials Can't Release Grown Up Tigers From Park

Two of the tiger cubs were rescued in 2012 by the Arunachal officials from the Angrim in Dibang valley district of Arunachal Pradesh. Since they have grown up in captivity since a very small age, now, they can not be released into the wild due to a delay in all the procedures, as confirmed by the state official. The names of these tigers are male 'Ipra' and female 'Chipi'. They were brought to the Biological Park in September 2013 after being rescued from Dibang valley.

The tigers have been well settled now in the premises, as informed by the park curator Raya Flago. They have gained a sufficient amount of weight, grown healthy and increased in size. The approximate weight of the female tiger 'Chipi' now is around 200 kgs and the weight of the male tiger 'Ipra' is around 300 kg. They are fed on a set out diet of 10 kgs of beef each per day.

Both Ipra and Chipi have grown in the safety of captivity and might not be ready to face the adversities of the wild. Also, due to the delay, it is harder for the procedures to be done that can release them in the wild. In 2015, forest officials submitted a proposal to the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) to release the tigers but those protocols can not be met now.


By: NehaMaheshwari