Asgardia, the First Outer Space Nation

Editorials News | Oct-20-2016

Asgardia, the First Outer Space Nation

Experts have revealed a New Nation state in the space. A report has showed that Asgardia can open up the access to space technologies. A team of scientists and legal experts have claimed Asgardia as the first nation state in space.


There is an old believe that space exploration is something which can be done by powerful countries only. However the new development has broken the stereotype.

According to the project website Asgardia will offer a common platform to several countries.


Additionally the website has also confirmed that the Asgardia’ launch will be launch on the same day of the 60th anniversary of the world’s first orbiting satellite. The scientists have stated that Asgardia is an example of independent and open society. Moreover, this new space nation is an amalgamation of knowledge, intelligence as well as science, explained the scientists.


Asgardia have the potential to become a free nation, capable of protecting those on Earth. Furthermore this new discovery will work while promoting peaceful space exploration.