Asian Championship Silver Medalist Wrestler Reena Fails Dope Test

Editorials News | Jun-19-2019

Asian Championship Silver Medalist Wrestler Reena Fails Dope Test

An Indian wrestler has been temporarily suspended for testing a banned substance. The fighter was part of the women's team in the Asian U-23 Championship that was held in Mongolia in March.

The wrestler was a silver medalist at the Mongolian event and has represented India at several international events.

The news comes a week after the Indian Wrestling Federation sent an order saying it would punish national coaches if a fighter tests positive for banned substances in a national field or in an international tournament.

The suspended fighter was a bronze medalist in the last national championship in December and previously won the gold in the national cadet and junior championships.

United World Wrestling still has to complete the test procedure, but two other wrestlers from India are under the scanner. Both wrestlers won medals, including gold, in the Asian Under-23 Championship.

New Delhi: In another shameful episode of doping for the Indian fight, the silver medal of the Asian Under-23 Championship, Reena, did not pass a drug test, which resulted in a provisional suspension.

The president of the Wrestling Federation of India, Brij Bhushan Sharan, said. "Reena had failed the drug test for using a banned substance and we were intimidated by the World Wrestling Federation (UWW) a few days ago." We asked her and she said she took an injection to treat the pain with the advice of a relative it turns out to be a coach, "Sharan said.

Reena won a silver prize in the 53 kg category in the championship, held in Mongolia in March. She also won a bronze in the junior Asian championship last year in July, as well as winning a silver medal in the Asian cadet championship in 2015.

"It's not good news, once again, we have to pay Rs 16 lakh to pay the UWW fine, now we can afford it, but it was not possible a few years ago, we already paid Rs 32 lakh in the last 12 months and this is now the third case. "

The president of WFI said he has asked NADA and the Ministry of Sports to send representatives to collect samples during the trails.

"If they do and 2 or 3 criminals are caught, this will instill fear in the minds of others. It will work as a deterrent. But it has not been done. "

In the last national championship, held in Gonda, the representative of NADA had come and collected samples.

Sharan said that the WFI has now instructed deputy trainers with teams from India to inform the federation if they suspect that the fighters committed a crime.

"These things do not happen in the national camps. Personal trainers, who have no experience or knowledge of banned substances, have a big role in it. The fighters also have to behave responsibly, "he said.

"That's why we recently issued a circular in which the coaches will also face consequences if the fighters do not pass the drug tests," he concluded.

By: Preeti Narula