Asian Wrestling Championships: Sumit Kumar Wins Silver

Editorials News | May-22-2017

Asian Wrestling Championships: Sumit Kumar Wins Silver

During the recent Asian Wrestling Championships, wrestler Sumit Kumar has achieved a silver medal in his side. The player has achieved the medal in the men's Freestyle 125kg category. Sumit was surpassed 2-6 by Yadollah Mohammad Kazim Mohebi of Iran in the final.

As per the officials, the Iranian was technically superior to the local wrestler and conquered most of the contest in spite of briefly admitting the lead in the first round. Sumit Kumar produced the only bright spot for India on the final day of the Asian Wrestling Championships.

Till now India has won 10 medals during the tournament – one gold, five silver and four bronze. However, the rest of the Indian wrestlers in the fight on the final proved to be a disappointment as Somveer (86kg), Vinod Omprakash (70kg) and Harphool (61kg) crashed out of their respective weight categories.

Mohebi took the first point in the 125kg final, by pushing Sumit out of the zone.However, the Indian took clinched the lead just seconds later when he won two points with a record.