Asteroids Pelt Earth's Surface

Editorials News | Jan-27-2017

Asteroids Pelt Earth's Surface

The scientists have observed that Dino- Killing Asteroid may have punctured earth’s crust. The scientists analyzed the crater from the cosmic impact that ended the age of dinosaurs. The scientists say the object that struck into the planet may have punched nearly all the way through Earth's crust.

The discovery could help to understand how impacts can redesign the faces of planets and how such collisions can generate new habitats for life, the researchers stated. The research has been done by the co-author Sean Gulick, a marine geophysicist at the University of Texas at Austin.

The researchers said that the Asteroids and comets occasionally pelt Earth’s Surface. Erosion due to rain, the wind as well as plate tectonics is the major factors in the changes to the planet's surface result. The whole process generates mountains and ocean trenches, said study co-author Sean Gulick.

The scientists also added that on the solar systems other rocky planets, erosion and plate tectonics typically have little influence on the planetary surfaces.

Content Source: Hindustan Times