Astronomers Analyze the Connection between Each Star

Editorials News | Mar-03-2017

Astronomers Analyze the Connection between Each Star

A team of astronomers are borrowing principles applied in biology and archaeology to build a family tree of the stars in the galaxy. As per the scientists, there is a chemical signature found in the stars. According to the scientists the chemical, found inside the stars, will also reveal the mystery of how these stars are connected with each other.

Charles Darwin who is known as a father of revolutionary theory. As per Charles’ theory, all life forms are descended from one common ancestor. This theory has informed evolutionary biology ever since.

However, an astronomer and a biologist at King's College in Cambridge got the astronomer thinking about how it could be applied to stars in the Milky Way.

Dr Paula Jofré, from University of Cambridge's Institute of Astronomy, describes creating a phylogenetic "tree of life" that connects a number of stars in the galaxy. The scientists said the use of algorithms to identify families of stars is a science that is constantly under development.